What is this place?

Instagrab is a tool that allows you to easily transfer all of your instagram photos to a private album on Google+.

Why do you provide this service?

Instagram recently made amendments to their terms of service which did not go down well with its userbase, especially photographers. This in turn caused a large amount of users to search for an easy way to move their photos someplace else.

How does it work?

By clicking on the Instagram and Google+ photos on the right, Instagrab is granted access to your respective accounts. We then fetch all of the photos from Instagram, create an album on Google+ and copy them there. If specified, an email will be sent to notify you once the process has ended.

Who are you?

My name is Daniel Treadwell, I am a software developer and founder of Fotostat, an online presence management and performance tracking service for Photographers. One of my passions is creating things that others like to use. You can contact me via Google+ or Email.

Instagrab does not store your photos, nor will we use your email address for any further purpose.

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